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Welcome to my wedding photography website. I’m Mark and I hope you love my images. Call me. 07840 937812

Welcome to my wedding photography website. I’m Mark and I hope you love my images. Call me. 07840 937812

Welcome. I’m Mark, a Manchester wedding photographer.

Watch this Manchester Wedding Photographer in action, at the bottom on this page. Basic videos taken to show how I work. No hold-ups, no fussing, no hassles. I get the job done efficiently and pretty quickly for you. That’s important.

Please call Mark or contact me via messenger or my contact form. I live near Stockport.

Let’s Zoom. Let’s F/B Videomeet. Coffeeshop? Chat about your wedding plans. No obligation. No sales stuff.

As your wedding photographer Mark will leave a very positive, happy impression for every last person at your wedding. It’s a crucial part of the service and every wedding wedding photographer should delight everyone for their very good manners.

I am helpful and willing, happy to go the extra ten miles or so for your family and guests, and yourselves. My style, as you can see, is mainly reportage’ type, natural, stealth photography with a few classical images for good measure. Monochrome images included.

I provide affordable, great value for money, wedding photography for many reasons. I relish this career and love to bring joy to my clients, I am in my element when photographing your very important wedding, I love meeting people and I get to keep the images too.

I make it easy for all by working quickly, unobtrusively, effectively. Even the group images only take minutes due to my organisational skills and ten to twenty minutes with the newlyweds to capture some beautiful moments together, and solo. It’s important that your photographer works effectively and never holds up any part of your day. People always appreciate that.

No-one will have a negative thing to say about me. It’s often mentioned how well and hard I work by guests, and always by my delighted clients.

I love this work so much that I price my services to help save you money and get far more, for quite a lot less. I hope you contact me…